How to make slime with glue and saline solution without baking soda

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The glue is a polymer and is made up of long, repeating, and identical strands or molecules. We made 4 batches with white glue adding different glitter and halloween confetti!

On occasion I have had this happen but very rarely. We love this recipe the best too. Thanks for wasting my money and my time. Please feel free to email me: I have a boric acid bottle?

I think to add to the beautiful glittery blue slime we just made, that she just named blue beauty. This is not a usual occurrence. I appreciate the comment. Our saline solution slime recipe also works well for Canadian and UK […]. My granddaughters and I beste oliebollen van den haag tried this and sad to say it was waste of supplies as it did not work?

You can read more […].

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Is there a trick to make it not coat the hands? Sorry, regular 4 oz. So glad to hear! Other recipes called for hot water and took longer so I was happy to find this recipe. My daughter and I just tried this recipe pre Birthday Party.. The fluffy slime and saline slime. I like to add it when I add the food coloring.

Make sure to sprinkle some on your hands after you have stirred it well. I am happy to help you figure out your ingredients which are probably causing the issue. Make sure that the solution contains some form of borons like boric acid or sodium borate. Lisa, Had the slime formed before you added the baking soda. None of the recipes worked at all!

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Double check the ingredients in your saline solution. Put your slime into a sink with water in it, and put some soap. I use to think making slime was an impossible activity with wasted time and effort and a disappointed kid. Hi, I would love to help you with your slime.

We stored it in an airtight container and the next morning it was no longer slime, but had a thin layer of liquid on top and was no longer stretchy. Did you use PVA glue. Before removing the slime from the bowl, squirt a few drops of saline solution on your hands.

I live in south Africa and dont know where to get elmers glue. If you have to use white glue but want rich colors, you will need a lot more food coloring.

Began to play with slime again no problems.


Is it too thick or extra fluffy? Do you know what happened, chemically? My daughter is already asking for different colours and glitter variances!! It may be due to your particular climate.

Make sure you read the ingredients esp the saline solution. Lots of fun for my daughters birthday party. You may find hoe maak je een schuifdeurkast liquid starch slime to be more suitable since their is not a variety of ingredients among brands. Did you really whip it up. Did you add the water! These two ingredients are also members of the boron family just as borax powder is.

Now I have a bowl of liquid with a hard, rubbery mass in the middle.


Small amount but it does. It started out as a very gooey, sticky mess, but my daughter suggested using more saline solution. Our saline solution slime recipe also works well for Canadian and UK […].

Any tips on how to store the slime! When i first mixed the ingredients, consider wearing disposable gloves or trying a safe slime recipe instead, it was foamy.

If you have sensitive skin, dit wil niet zeggen dat deze dat ook effectief zal doen.

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